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Forest Falls

This is the ink first process for solving some issues with the dreaded "Mid-tone Crisis" syndrome. By designing your painting with the darks first using waterproof ink you have 2 of your values done. Painting the midtones with watercolor completes the process. Challenging to do but fun and...


Splash 20 Creative Compositions

Hi again... Just wanted to share that I was accepted into the "Splash 20 Creative Compositions" book. Wanted to give you the technique as it was painted on YUPO using transparent & opaque watercolor. YUPO is a synthetic paper and the pigment does not soak in the fibers because there are none....


Drawing is a given...

Hi there... A student was having problems with trying to do this painting so I did a demo for her. It wasn't the palette, technique, shapes or values. It was the drawing and design. Keep a sketchbook and use it!!! Doing this will make you a much better painter.


Canadian Sunset

Just wanted to share a painting that's similar to the main demo in "The Sky's The Limit" video workshop. I love the way that reflected light line separates the land from the sea. Hope you'll like it too!


Class demos

Hi again... thought I'd post some demos I did for class this morning using Nita Engle's bullseye technique, the benefit of leaving the white of your paper and the light hole. Fun to do!


Welcome to my/our blog

Welcome to my/our blog all about the magical medium of watercolor. This is a place to share, socialize, and comment on our work. I hope you'll join us...